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  • davidbyrne:

    i love laughing about the friend zone because it’s so dumb like you know most of those dudes aren’t even IN the “friend zone” they’re in the “ugh god not this dude again” zone

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  • 2srooky:

    One time in sixth grade I was being bullied really badly, and this whole circle of people gathered around me and the girl that was bullying me, and she smirked and went ‘You dumb rich bitch.’ And everyone was like OOOOOOH and I stood there for a second before pulling 20 dollars out of my wallet, placed it in her hand, and said “Buy some better insults.” And I swear the entire lunchroom rioted.

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  • deplaisant:

    That’s it. That’s the entire show.

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  • yongmuney:

    my left hand cant do anything right

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  • wheelcher2:

    always keep a gun under ur pillow pet

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  • beachgnome:




    this girl that sits with me was complaining..about another girl. because she likes the same band as her “but doesn’t dress like it” so obviously she doesn’t really listen to them

    how do you DRESS like the music you listen to??? 

    as an imagine dragons fan i am never seen not in a full dragon costume

    real fans imagine the dragon costume

    i’m a bare naked ladies fan and let me tell you

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  • kendronamore:


    what the fuck

    No way

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  • everniam:

    nice to know the bras the fans throw on stage are being used


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  • chicken-buddha:

    you ignorant fool

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  • dulect:

    wow the new spiderman movie looks good

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  • singingsh0wtunes:

    subway sure doesn’t mess around when it comes to puns

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